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Friday, June 23, 2006


I am afraid this blog holds opinions that are not accepted in polite society: 1) Eugenics is a great idea. 2) Jewish people are powerful and they often misuse their power. 3) Traditionalism is preferable to Modernism.

I'm sure your immediate reaction is to recoil with horror at these opinions - but please give them, and this blog, a chance.

What if this is your one chance to discover truths that have been kept hidden from you?

Mother of all Establishments

The ruling class, the creme de la creme, the establishment - the mother of all establishments in fact - what is it like? Its wit tends to be both dry and acerbic. Its city is New York. Its profession is attorney. Its manner cool. Its clothes black. Its heroes Kennedys. Its music is mostly jazz standards I think. Its passion is film, or maybe dating. (Though I doubt their self-conscious coupling deserves the name of passion.) Its ethnicity is mixed, but the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish elements predominate. Its politics are moderate but liberal on certain social issues like abortion.

Many minor-league establishments send their best players to the big leagues. The ultimate establishment draws from corporate CEO's; judges; college presidents; the highest ranks of the military; union bosses; partners in prestigious law firms; titans of finance; media royalty; upper echelons of the ever-spreading government bureaucracies; nabobs from the political world - governors, senators, etc.; successful entertainers of all kinds- talk show hosts, rap artists, journalists. Powers from other nations are included: prime ministers, despots, treasury secretaries, generals, top smugglers and rights activists. The distillation of all these subsidiary elites, everyone from bankers to performance artists, physicists and film stars, mayors who've clawed their way up from the streets alongside the residue of the most aristocratic families - are all blended together to create the mother of all establishments.

Don't confuse the ultimate establishment with the penultimate establishment. The penultimate establishment consists of conservative Republicans picked to play the role of the ultimate establishment. They are the designated target, the Simon Legree at whom we are directed to hiss. They, very visibly, perform the disagreeable but necessary tasks of Power. They are the millionaires who keep the economy moving, the generals who keep the armies moving. They are the father figures who can, eventually, be safely discarded.

If you think these Republicans are in fact the ultimate establishment they are supposed to be you are wrong: 1) Conservative Republicans always lose the bitter battles over social policy - the struggles over segregation, abortion, feminism, gay rights, etc. 2) The supreme establishment would never, at least visibly, ally itself with the rich or the military. The rich are wildly unpopular (They like escaping their tax obligation as much as cutting badly-needed services to working people.) The military commanders may be popular domestically, but they are hated abroad. The supreme establishment instead derives power from pretending to battle these dangerous forces. 3) Businessmen are ruled by the market, by the desires of consumers. The government, in contrast, can do whatever it wants - it can arrest you; jail you; take your house, your children, all your money.

What are the beliefs of the mother of all establishments? While hostile to the world's religions, especially those denigrated as "fundamentalist", the ultimate establishment does possess a faith. They hate any restrictions placed on individuals by churches or clan patriarchs or rural communities - any restrictions placed on individuals by Tradition.

The era of this ultimate establishment is nearly over. Soon they and their urbane vanities will disappear. Then I think people will wonder how so few ruled over so many for so long.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Earlier attempts to build a better world have collapsed. The record is muddy at best - mired in ambiguity: Christians - They have founded schools and hospitals, helped abolish slavery and gladitorial games. Unfortunately they have also fought cruel religious wars. Democrats - The people have established governments, but unfortunately these governments have invaded, massacred, stolen, enslaved (see Andrew Jackson). Liberals - What if we are wicked and foolish? What worth is our freedom then? Scientists - Scientific discoveries have improved our lives, but we have a tendency to employ these discoveries to make weapons. Even medical discoveries, though they have benefited millions, have caused some of our worst problems - like overpopulation. I am afraid neither our godliness nor our goodness can save us.

But eugenics can save us. Lead us to Eden, Arcadia, Shangri-La, The Blessed Isles. The silicon revolution changed the world, but the DNA revolution will remake the world entirely. More can be done in this century to improve the lot of mankind than in all previous centuries combined. This generation, if virtuous enough and if far-sighted enough, can do more to benefit mankind than any other generation.

George Washington resisted the temptation to seize power in a military coup d'etat. Americans look back at him with gratitude and awe. Future generations (how many?) will look back on us with gratitude and awe if we can be as noble, as disinterested.